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Abbotsford Farm & Livestock Transport

Link Trucking LTD is a Abbotsford trucking company offering livestock and produce transportation services to farms and ranches throughout the country. At Link Trucking LTD, we hold the welfare of animals in the highest regard. All of our drivers are fully certified and have years of experience handling a variety of animals. Whether short or long distance, every livestock transport is performed in compliance with all state and federal laws and guidelines.

Poultry Transport

Link Trucking LTD drivers are devoted to transporting poultry quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our transport trailers are kept at adequate and consistent temperatures and our coops are suitable for transporting chickens, turkeys, and hatching eggs. Our poultry transport trucks are disinfected regularly.

Abbotsford Equine Transport

Transporting horses is a highly specialized skill, which requires specific training, equipment, and trailers. At Link Trucking LTD, our trucks and trailers are specially engineered with single or boxed stalls, low ramps, wide doors, feed bags, and vents. All stalls come equipped with freshly laid hay and kicking mats to ensure your horses receive a luxurious and comfortable transport.

Pig & Cattle Transport

Whether you need to bring your livestock to market or are looking to transport your livestock to a show, you can count on Link Trucking LTD for safe and reliable transport. We take great pride in our ability to transfer pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep in comfort, year round.

Abbotsford Produce Transport

Whatever you’re growing, we’re packing and hauling. Link Trucking LTD has delivered fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to grocery stores and restaurants for many years. You can rely on us for on-time pickup and delivery!

The Link Trucking LTD Difference

Dedicated Fleet - We offer specialized equipment and a fleet of freight trailers for the precise purpose of livestock transportation throughout the region that includes:

  • Dry Van

    Ideal for a range of industries including farm supplies, feed manufacturing, consumer goods and co-operatives, Link Trucking LTD dry van services extend throughout the Abbotsford region and beyond.
  • Flatbed

    Our flatbed trailer services are customized according to your needs for moving farm equipment or raw or finished farm goods of any kind.
  • Livestock Expertise

    A fleet of well-maintained tractors and tri-axle livestock trailers can handle substantial weight for local and cross-border transport. Our fleet is operated by fully trained, licensed and experienced drivers who are committed to animal safety and well-being.